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Tales from the Slaughtered Lamb

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: New Adult (16+)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub Genre: Adventure · Dark Comedy · Horror · Supernatural
Language: English

The town of Grassmere in the English Lake District is a tourist heaven. Beautiful scenery, majestic mountains, shimmering lakes and monsters.

It is not easy being a monster hunter. Especially when you must keep it a secret. As if it was not enough to risk your life on a regular basis protecting innocent people from the ravening jaws of doom. You also have to keep a low profile and cover your tracks. The town can’t afford to lose the tourist trade (sadly it does lose a few tourists to the monsters every year) so everything is covered up.

You would think that this job would fall to a professional agency or secret branch of the British Government. No. Just a few local friends who share a vision of Grasmere without monsters.


Gabriel Sinn – a misfit who is possessed by an inner demon

Fred “Bill” Bailey – ex-policeman with a strong sense of vengeance

Archie – local scout leader and bed and breakfast proprietor

Dr Ted Montgomery – archaeologist, explorer and teacher/caretaker at the local middle school

Stanley Booth – schoolteacher and self-confessed nerd, loyal member of The Order Of The Secret Arm.


When Bill’s old partner, Goose, is mysteriously killed on the banks of the local river, events are sparked,  which will draw our five companions together in friendship as they begin their first mission, to kill a monster.

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