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The Cursed Towns of Jericho

Publisher: BookBaby
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Alternate History · Dark Fantasy · Family · Fantasy · Gaslamp · Gothic · Mythical · Mythical Creatures · Mythology · Paranormal · Steampunk · Supernatural · Suspense · Time Travel · Western
Language: English
Key Phrases: Magical wild west
A quest for family in the magical wild west!

Put on your hat, strap on your gun, and prepare to enter the mysterious cursed towns of Jericho, a fantastical untamed world where ancient magic and dark intentions collide in the necromantic wild west. Jacob Blackwood, a single father raising two extraordinary children, travels aboard an unusual train, searching for his lost love and hoping to unravel the secrets that shattered his family. Sinister creatures, deceitful outlaws and a dark figure haunts their path. The Blackwoods must band together, drawing on their unique talents and abilities, if they hope to confront the challenges ahead and save Jericho.

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