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The Dead Detective: and The Barrell Full of Spirits

Publisher: The Mighty Mama Mouse
Year of Publication: 2022
Book type: Novel
Age: New Adult (16+)
Genre: Mystery
Sub Genre: Dark Comedy · Magical Realism · Mystery · Paranormal · Supernatural · Suspense
Language: English
Key Phrases: Noir · paranormal · Private investigator
Spice Level:

The spice rating is in regards to the type of sexual content within the book. Below is a helpful guide (courtesy of Georgia C Leigh)

1= YA romantic, making out, MAYBE a closed door.
2= some on page foreplay and nudity but mostly fade to black.
3= open door, on page vanilla sex.
4= on page sex – hot or with kink.
5= erotica.

“I hope there are going to be many more!! Modern, ghostly noir pulp mystery. A dead PI and a woman who is alive trying to find out what is happening to spirits that have been taken from the world between before they can cross over includingba little girl named Lucy. Leroy and Iris are so funny the witty banter and the chemistry between them is mwah chefs kiss.”
– HannahPilar on amazon review
Even Dead men need to earn a living.

Just because I’m dead doesn’t mean I don’t need to earn a living.
I’m Leroy Mahoney, of Bartley and Mahoney’s Investigation Agency. If you’re dead and got a problem I am the one you go to see. My office is still parked on 34th and Main St.
Being dead is a lot more dangerous than I was expecting. Beyond the veil, monsters are waiting to devour and entrap souls for eternity. The Guardians are there to protect the departed on their way to the afterlife. If a someone doesn’t cross over before they fade completely, they turn into a Shade.
Until the dead can let go of their mortal lives and release their tethers, they can’t pass on.
That’s where I come in. I help people cross over, for a minimal fee. The Guardians think I am a parasite, but even dead people have bills to pay.
The only person I can’t help is myself. Something happened when I died, and now I’s stuck. No one knows why, but at least I don’t fade. In my time here I have learned some neat tricks. I have even figure out how to make bullets from spirit energy.
Until I figure out what happened to me I will just solve my cases, with my barrel full of spirits.

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