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The Lost

The Second Coming Book 1

Publisher: Broken Table Publishing
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Coming of Age · Contemporary · Dark · New Adult · Thriller
Language: English
Key Phrases: religious themes · Strong Female Protagonist
Some things that are lost should stay that way.

Some things that are lost should stay that way.

After juvie, Marissa Hail lived a hard life, even before her brother and his friends went missing in the woods. When one of the missing kids shows up driving her brother’s truck, covered in blood, the threads of her already frayed life unravel.

When people in town begin acting aggressively, Marissa and a defrocked priest fighting his own demons are all that stand between freedom and enslavement. Can two individuals from the fringes of society save the very people who shunned them? Should they even bother?

Craving a book that will make your skin crawl? Search no further. The Lost, book one of The Second Coming trilogy, is perfect for the horror enthusiast looking for complex, flawed people facing a malevolent supernatural threat. Pick up your copy today and begin the adventure.

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