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Random Affair, The

An African American Detroit Crime Thriller Novel. Book 1

Publisher: Hank & Hank Productions
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Action · Crime · Urban
Language: English
Key Phrases: black male characters · city crime drama · defense intelligence · detroit · ex spy turned detective · former military · private detective
“When it comes to awesome, under-the-radar thrillers, James Roby is cranking them out in a hurry. Continuing my goal of shedding a light on lesser-known writers with big-time potential, I dove into Roby’s first Urbanknights thriller, The Random Affair, unsure of what to expect . . . and ended up walking away thoroughly entertained. “
– The Real Book Spy

A criminal Jordan Noble took down years ago is trying to kill him.
Good thing the UrbanKnights Detective Agency’s got his back.

When Noble left the Defense Intelligence Agency, he gave up on the international intrigue along with it. Now, Cody Random, international criminal is back for revenge and threatens the entire nation with his monstrous drug: crush. And for good measure, the CIA is warning Noble to steer clear.

But that’s not how things get done in Detroit, a city used to the odds being against it. Noble formed the UrbanKnights to tackle the crimes no one else will touch. But they’d never squared off against odds like this.

Will they have the skill to stop this Random Affair?

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