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The Skull Collector

A Dark Fantasy Novel

Publisher: Paris Singer
Year of Publication: 2018
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Coming of Age · Dark Fantasy · Gothic
Language: English
“Brilliant, dark, sinister and foreboding…Dark fantasy at its grimmest.”
– Tome Tender

A little girl’s world is plunged into shadow after the disappearance of her parents. But when a Doll-Maker offers to bring them back to life, hope blossoms anew. However, the price she must pay is steep. She must journey through eerie graveyards and collect skulls, using them to provide the necessary components for the resurrection spell.

Her journey is fraught with peril, for the Violinist and his crows are on her trail, seeking to steal her precious skulls. Every step she takes is fraught with danger, with vengeful policemen and grotesque beasts lurking at every turn. But she perseveres, determined to see her quest through to the end.

In this chilling tale of courage and sacrifice, the little girl must navigate a dark and treacherous realm, using her wit and cunning to outsmart the horrors that seek to claim her. Will she succeed in her macabre mission, or will the darkness swallow her whole? The answer lies shrouded in mystery in this grim dark fantasy fairy tale adventure.

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