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They Call Me Angel

A paranormal mystery thriller

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Contemporary · Paranormal
Language: English
POV: First-person
Tense: Present
“Wow. This book builds like a tsunami and crashes down on the reader in the final pages. It made me smile; it made me cry, and it made me snortle. I’ve had to invent that word. It’s a cross between snort and chortle, but the best description of the noise I made.”
– Iain Benson
When a woman is murdered by her husband, the seaside town of Adtoft unwittingly gains an angel. Invisible to all, she becomes a serial observer, but in death could Angel finally find a way to live?
Neither dead nor alive, Angel is trapped in a solitary afterlife with nothing but her regrets and the rules of ‘the glitch’ to guide her. Yearning for purpose, Angel watches the residents of her seaside hometown—including an artist who quietly paints on the beach every day, a handsome paramedic, and her father who is stuck in a loveless marriage—while trying to avoid reminders of her murderous husband.
Distracted by her daily observations, time passes in relative peace until a boy falls from the Ferris wheel and does what no one has done in years—sees her. Struck by the brief connection, Angel’s tranquillity is overturned, causing her to seek those in peril as she searches for meaning in existing between life and death.

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