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Things That Keep Me Up At Night

Publisher: Marie L McKenzie LLC
Book type: Non Fiction
Age: Adult
Genre: Memoir
Sub Genre: Memoir
Language: English
Key Phrases: biography · dysfunctional family · Growth · Healing · Inspirational · Memoir · Motivational · Relationship · Self-Help · Sexual abusr · Trauma
“chose this rating because it was that “can’t put it down,” exemplary read that deserves a share and a second reading. I really enjoyed the book, but had various rollercoaster moments, sad, angry, sympathy, and being elated at the happy ending. I will reread this book sometime soon. For now, I will share it with others. What I found quite admirable about the author was that she shares through her pain to help those who need the assistance through their painful journeys. She advocates, work in the field where she can help the victims to become survivors, and shares her experiences with the world, as an example for others to realize that talking and sharing about “IT,” is a huge step toward healing. Thank you Author Marie McKenzie!”
– Amazon review by, Drea

If you’ve ever wondered whether faith and determination are a recipe for success, ” Things That Keep Me Up at Night” answers that question.

Marie takes you through her journey from adversity to triumph in this compelling memoir. From sexual assault at the age of eleven, through to becoming a successful Registered Nurse, Marie charts her path through the hills and valleys on the way to success.

She pays tribute to the people who inspired, encouraged, and supported her through various stages of her journey.

Her work as an advocate for victims of sexual assault and rape, domestic violence, and homelessness will encourage those who have been through similar experiences and
need their hope restored.

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