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This Cursed Line

Publisher: Wistful Publishing
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Sub Genre: Alternate History · Dark · Dark Fantasy · Fantasy · Gaslamp · Historical Fiction · Magical Realism · New Adult · Paranormal · Romantic Fantasy · Supernatural · Thriller · Travel · Western
Language: English
“Hooks your attention from the start & never hits a dull moment. I could not put this book down! By the end of the book the characters feel like great friends of yours & leaves you wanting to know more of their stories. “
– Tammy W.
Dreams are pointless when you’re destined to serve the Devil.

Alexander Pike VI inherited far more than a name from his father. He has been saddled with the family curse for the past seven years, tasked with completing jobs for the Devil.





These were never in the cards for his life in the family business. This was his lot. But, a curse isn’t so bad when you refuse to care.

Then he met her.

Now, that one chance encounter sparks hope for a future he never dared imagine. But when you work for the Devil, is freedom worth the risk? Is freedom even possible?


This is a dark tale about a morally gray hero, an inspiring heroine, and new friends who show him there can be more to life if he’s willing to fight for it. This is a stand alone novel about hope, courage, and friendship.

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