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Unborn Ghost

Publisher: Ninth House Media
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Fantasy · New Adult · Paranormal · Supernatural · Urban · Urban Fantasy
Language: English
“I liked it. The story is engaging and so are the characters. My favorite character would have to be Mallory. I also think that the protagonist, Ashur, is very relatable. I liked the themes of the supernatural and navigating adulthood. I also appreciate that we get to see Ashur’s vulnerability that is integral to his character arc. This story is very philosophical I would say and it offers a lot of wisdom.”
– Cool Dude, May 12, 2023

Overnight, Ashur becomes trapped in the Ghost Realm, and has only eight hours to escape before his spirit is trapped there without rest forever Ashur, a simple every-day man, left work one late evening to sleep for his next shift. However, he was suddenly transported into another realm. He finds himself surrounded by a strange environment. Buildings and people are covered in blue. Believing this is a dream, he is proven wrong and finds out that he is in the Ghost Realm and is himself an Unborn Ghost.

Ashur, now the Unborn Ghost, only has eight hours to find his body or be sealed away forever with no true afterlife. With the help of Mallory, Ahan, Benjamin, and Sukie, they will guide Ashur to safely find his body.

However, there will be obstacles trying to stop the group. The Perfect Ghost Society, or P.G.S., are ghosts bent on stopping him and his friends in order to keep their perfect society of spirits intact. Another is a natural threat to the Unborn Ghost. Mysterious shadows hide amongst the ghosts, and they only hunt down the color of white. Will Ashur get to his body within eight hours, or is he doomed to be sealed away forever?

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