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Under the Bluffs

Some things are not meant to be found.

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery · Thriller
Sub Genre: Suspense
Language: English
“A great read, filled with suspense. I flew through it. Can’t wait for more from this new author.”
– Kindle customer, verified purchase.
Two will disappear, you will not find them.

Under the Bluffs is a story that takes place in St. Paul Minnesota in the early 90’s. The story begins on an unusually cold and snowy day in April 1983. A local detective receives a strange letter that simply states, “Two will disappear, you will not find them.” Two children disappear on that same day but the detective has no luck in finding them. Over the course of ten years the detective receives 4 more letters, and a total of 10 children disappear. It is not until a couple of young, urban explorers find a body in an abandoned cave 10 years later that the investigation gains any ground. Once this happens the detective begins to explore the caves in search of more evidence, eventually enlisting the help of the two young explorers to try to catch the kidnapper and solve the crime. As the story unfolds there are unexpected plot twists and surprises along the way that will keep any reader happily engaged.

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