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Unfathomable Chance

Publisher: Creating Worlds with Words
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Language: English
Key Phrases: aliens · cats are aliens · cosmic adventure · space · space adventure
“It even has its own Cheshire cat in the form of Kal Zed.”
– Author James McCormick
Join Diana on an “Alice in Wonderland in Space” adventure!

When Diana woke up on her 23rd birthday she thought it was going to be a normal day. She thought of donuts, coffee, and laughter. She did not think she was going to become the center in a galactic race to win her heart. None too pleased with the prospect of alien races descending on Earth to try and woo her, Diana does the only reasonable thing she can; she runs. Now she has to try and find a way to get rid of the blasted bracelet that is the cause of all the recent craziness in her life. The problem is this isn’t an ordinary bracelet; it contains the Heart of the Cosmos. Furthermore the Cosmos chose her for a reason and it isn’t keen on letting her go until she finishes what it started over ten years ago. Something tried to destroy it and now Diana isn’t just worried about her heart, she is worried about her life.

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