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Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Humour · LGBT
Language: English
Key Phrases: butch/butch · college · lesfic · mental illness · psychiatric hospital · recovery · wlw
“I like that it’s real and raw about the situations, and their feelings. The rage, the depression, the hopelessness, the numbness, etc. But at its core there is hope. Blooms of growth and change that each character comes to, in their own way, but also with the help of one another plus the meds and therapy they engage in.”
– AnnMaree
Sometimes rock bottom is exactly where you need to be.

Synopsis: When Ruth Penn’s carefully crafted stability comes crashing down around her, she doesn’t just find herself at rock bottom; she’s checked into a locked psychiatric hospital. Here among the rubble she meets a colorful cast of patients, from middle aged mothers to teenage drug addicts, including fiery frequent-flier, Noah Matthews. She’s everything Ruth’s not; obstinate, disconnected, and incredibly certain of her path in life—that is, to end it.

Everybody knows that the psychiatric hospital is no place to find love, and neither women are certain of their permanence, but that doesn’t stop Ruth and Noah from diving in.

What has been unraveled can’t always be woven back together, but through trial and error, Ruth and Noah try to craft something new from the wreckage they found themselves in. But with a complicated cocktail of medicine, social workers, other patients, and trauma history, finding your place in yourself and in the world is never as easy as it seems.

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