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The Quantum Chronicles

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novella
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Sub Genre: Sci-Fi
Language: English
“Its hard to accomplish the impossible when its your own family you can’t trust! So many twists and turns in the plot of this novel and it will make your jaw drop with who’s behind the whole thing.”
– Caitrin

It’s been five months since rescuing Alison from the secret facility. Jason still keeps his eyes on her. All the time. In fear that she might vanish again.


Jason and Alisons’ love has been tested more than ever. And after having their world turned upside down, they thought it was safe to relax for a moment.

Until now.

Alison is one of the few successful experiments of these scientists, which means it’s only a matter of time until she vanishes into thin air again. After discovering teleportation is real, there is a mission he must complete. Things he thought were only in the movies, are also in the real world.

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