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Whiskey Kiss

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary · Romance
Language: English

I fell in love with Jackson Wilder the first time he walked up my family’s driveway. It didn’t matter that he was seven years older and my brother’s best friend, Jax was mine.
Ten years later and hopelessly in love with Jackson, I moved halfway across the country to attend college—and to escape my unrequited feelings.
But last year, Jax and my brother were traded to my town’s pro football team, and ever since we reconnected, things between us have been tense. I’m more determined than ever to get over him, but my plan for falling out of love is about to be intercepted.

Adeline Brooks has always been just my buddy’s little sister. When she wasn’t bugging us to play with her, she was crying for me to chase away the monsters in her closet or needing me to sit in her room because she was too scared to sleep alone.
So when we were traded into Addie’s college town last year, I was blown away by how grown up she is. Even if I wanted to give in to my attraction to her, I can’t. My buddy’s invoked the bro code, and Addie’s off-limits to our teammates and me.
But Addie doesn’t care about the rules, and I’m about to draw a flag on the play.

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