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Wilting Captive

A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2022
Book type: Novel | Series
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Fantasy · Retelling · Romance · Romantic Fantasy
Language: English
Key Phrases: Beauty and the Beast · Clean Romance · enemies to lovers · fairy tale retelling · the ruby realm · young adult
A duchess, a beast, and a castle full of hungry hostages…

Duchess Mirabel Brantley has spent nearly all her life being sheltered due to her fragile health. With no hope of ever living the life of adventure she dreamed of, Mira agrees to an arranged marriage with the neighboring duke of Dhurin. Their betrothal celebration might have been pleasant if they didn’t already despise each other, but it also might have helped if the entire party wasn’t taken hostage…
The ex-prince Conan has been left beaten and scarred after his partnership with the criminal group, the beasts. With a hunger for vengeance against the Ruby Realm and a never-ending craving for power, Conan seizes the entire Dhurin castle with the help of an enchanted gift. His terms are simple; hand over Dhurin, and the hostages live. Refuse and… well, the guests will learn why he was favored by the beasts.
Mira is a prisoner at her own party, but they might not be in as much trouble as they thought when a lone caster offers up her powers as protection. With the ability to cast her magic into living plants, the caster selects a simple rose to contain her gift. With only the dwindling lifespan of a rose keeping the hostages from being torn apart, it’s only a matter of time before matters get grim. Can Mira convince their captor to set them free before their time runs out? Or will they simply wilt with their rose?

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