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Book One, The Veil Series

Publisher: Literature Drips LLC
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Epic
Language: English
“”This tense kickoff to a fantasy series takes wing with worldbuilding and mysteries.””
– Booklife Review
 Possession is a complicated thing. Do we ever really belong to ourselves?

Captured as a child, Rennah was made a slave by the terrifying Warlord Dathka Jen. The memory of their encounter was seared into her mind, and she would often relive the terrible event. His face haunted her, even in dreams.

Believed a malevolent sorceress, the Master and Mistress Kesten banished her to the dank walls of Rough Keep where the damned and unwanted were sent.

One day she is nearly drowned in a bath and dragged to the Main Palace Keep.

Amid chaos caused by the arrival of the Warlord Dathka Jen, she suddenly questions everything.

Can Rennah believe Dathka Jen’s claims about her identity and the world they live in? A clash of three that should never meet and the loss of ancient races on the brink of decimation. Elf, Fae, and the veil between worlds that is no more, and all that stands within the void.

Can she run from him while sensing the threads of an invisible cord connecting them?

The truth will shatter the foundation of not just the region she has known but reaches far beyond, as the ground of the empire quakes beneath the man who will stop at nothing to get to her.

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