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Publisher: Jam Jar Lurker and Son
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub Genre: Alternate History · Coming of Age · Family · Fantasy · New Adult
Language: English
“The book perfectly balances the absurd with a real sense of menace, like Monty Python colliding with Alan Moore. It sensitively handles the themes of dysfunctional families and bullying while telling an action-packed adventure. Everything about it is classy: the way the writer brings the characters and the setting to life; the twists and turns of the central mystery; and the absolutely gorgeous illustrations by the author himself. This book is a must have.”
– Teresa Murphy, Amazon review.
A monster of a mother … and the mother of all monsters.

Somewhere in the damp, twisting alleyways of an alternate 19th Century slum there lives a hideous freak of nature.

Driven by poverty, Spin & her makeshift family move to the Songwynds in search of work. There they share a tiny, rat-infested room with their adoptive Ma: a ferocious wishhobbler. A monster of a mother & the mother of all monsters, the wishhobbler’s viciousness has caused fear & mayhem among the slum dwellers. Unable to hit back, her victims set their attention to Spin. An outsider wherever she goes – haunted by thugs & bullies – Spin finds a way to enter the carefully guarded, lethal world of Victorian Racing Televisions. When the wishhobbler disrupts the carefully laid plans of the Racers, Spin finds herself at the centre of a deadly confrontation. But it’s with the revelation of a centuries old Knight of the Implicate Order that things really take a turn for the worse …

Featuring over 50 stunning illustrations, this dark urban fairy tale is a must for anyone who’s ever been bored, bullied or lived with a monster.

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