Reader's Terms of Conduct

This site has very simple terms of conduct:

  • Nothing hateful
  • Nothing hurtful
  • Nothing fake

As a reader, you will show respect at all times to any author you choose to interact with. 

If you are providing Alpha or Beta reading, though under no obligation to give feedback, please ensure any you do give is constructive and without any insult. 

Alpha readers, please understand that you are a first reader, and any work you receive is not a finished product and has most likely not been edited extensively. Your role is to point out any flaws, or inconsistencies. Please do not alpha-read any genre you are not a fan of. 

Beta readers, you will be reading a product that has gone through the alpha reading stage, and you are normally the last line of defense for issues the book may have.

BUT, every author requires different things from their Alpha and Beta readers, make sure you know in advance what you are being asked to do, and do not agree to anything unless you are happy with the arrangement. 

ARC readers, if you provide a review, though under no obligation to do so, please ensure anything you say is constructive and without insult. Do not post star-only reviews, positive or negative, as reviews are there to guide other readers, not be a vague statement of ranking. If you love it, please say why, if you do not like it, please do the same. 

Again, NO HATE!