Deva Adamea

Deva Adamea is a writer of children’s books. She is a mother of two and grandmother of a beautiful little girl. Now retired, Adamea lives with her dog in a little house next to the woods. When her granddaughter was a little girl, they enjoyed playing, even therapeutically, with crystals, stones and Aurasoma colours, as well as drawing and colouring mandalas. During their times together, they began to take fantastic and meditative journeys into the magical worlds of unicorns, elves and other Deva’s of Nature. These meditations turned into fables, which Adamea began writing so that other children could rejoice in these tales. Her stories open the door to a playful and therapeutic approach, bringing balance to the inner elements of children’s physical bodies. Her books are meant to entertain and amuse children and young people, while being guides to convey moral messages and values.