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Travels to the Realm of the Elements

Magical Worlds of Sapphire the Unicorn

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Picture Book
Age: Middle-Grade Fiction (8-12)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Fantasy · Mythical Creatures
Language: English
Key Phrases: Dragons
Traveling to a magical realm with a unicorn and meeting talking animals, a.k.a. the guardians of the four elements.

Why read this fairy tale

A little girl’s fantastic journey to a mysterious realm, accompanied by a splendid unicorn.
Throughout the ride, they visit places of power from which the forces of the elements are born. Mary manages to communicate with the elements, thanks to the animals that live in these lands and which have the responsibility of being their guardians.

This book teaches a great lesson for everyone, children and adults alike.
The purpose of this story is to understand and become aware of the importance of nature and ecology in our lives.

This story contains messages of love and respect for the environment, they are very simple, clear and easy to understand. These teachings prepare our children to have respect and love for our Earth, so that they can live well, happily and healthily in their future world.

What to expect from this book

  • Inspiring story for children and young people about love and respect for our planet,
  • A mysterious and exciting journey with a magical Unicorn,
  • Exciting and realistic writing style. Suitable for reading aloud to younger children and for self-reading,
  • Beautiful imagery and a story that helps to understand the elements and our planet.

Bonus: colouring pages and creativity spaces

At the end of the book there are drawings that children can enjoy colouring in. In addition, there are free spaces for children to unleash their creativity: write, draw and create collages to their liking.

Interest age from 6 years
Reading age from 7 years

Where to read

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