Michele E. Gwynn

Michele E. Gwynn is a former online content writer and journalist. Having written for magazines and newspapers, she finally decided to go for her dream and wrote her first fiction novel Harvest in 2011. Since then, she has published in a variety of genres from science fiction to crime thrillers to paranormal and contemporary romance–and three children’s books. Michele’s series’ include the Harvest Trilogy, Angelic Hosts (now exclusive to Gwynn’s Substack), the Checkpoint, Berlin Detective Series, Green Beret series, and the Soldiers of PATCH-COM. She has also penned several standalone novels such as Darkest Communion, Queen’s Island (now available as a FREE bonus book on her website), SECTION 5, and Hiring John. Michele has always been a very creative person with an appreciation of twisty plots, one heck of an imagination, and a desire to talk about important social issues such as the recurrent theme in her award-winning Checkpoint, Berlin detective series which focuses on human trafficking. Given her passion for social issues and justice, she strives to create good but flawed characters that often fall short of their own ideals. Her wish is to engage, inspire, and entertain her readers with intelligent plots sprinkled with humor, real-world facts, a hint of steam, and a lot of romance.