Nikolai Wisekal

Nikolai Wisekal’s love for storytelling began with his wonderful aunt, whose stories made him laugh, think, and just want to read everything he could get his hands on. His mother also had wonderful editions of the original Grimm fairy tales that he enjoyed as a child. Eventually he began to read series like the Dragonriders of Pern, Lord of the Rings, Foundation Trilogy, and the Dresden Files, which set him on the path to being a fantasy and sci-fi fan for life. He got the wibbly-wobbly idea that he could learn how to write at the age of 16, thus starting a start/stop pattern as a writer for nearly ten years. After attending DFWCON in 2018 and making friends, he started to dig into everything writing entails–characters, structure, dialogue, and his long hated enemy: grammar. If you asked some of his critique partners, he seemed to either ignore or have a personal vendetta against commas.