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Galaxy Waffles

Publisher: Nikolai Wisekal
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Adventure · Anti Rules · Dystopian · Humour
Language: English
Key Phrases: Character driven scifi
“”I decided to take a peek at the book, just to get a feel of the general vibe and I never stopped reading.””
– Nerolireads
Found family surviving on a diner spaceship

Killer ingredients, entitled customers and explosions are part of the job description for Jolene, Boris and Murph, as they navigate untamed space in their diner ship. Life is lean, but they made it work until two dissatisfied customers blew a hole in their hull, stealing the galaxy’s most psychedelic sushi.

Before they can clean up the mess, Erabella, a nightmare manager from Jolene’s past, serves up an astronomical repair bill and a write up that threatens to destroy Jolene and her family.

Will they meet their profit quota? What shady deals will they make? Can they dodge ravenous ship-eating predators? Or will their family be torn apart forever?

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