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Artemis One-Zero-Five

A horror/science-fiction novel

Publisher: Shadowtime Publishing
Year of Publication: 2018
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Sci-Fi
Language: English
“… a deft job of developing an ongoing sense of dread and impending terror, all the while making the characters and their reactions rational … a really well done, character-driven sci-fi/horror story …”
– Steve Stred, for Kendall Reviews
From the depths of space, through the depths of mind

In the darkness between planets, a spacesuit jerks to life. Far away, a human mind has merged with the suit’s robotic framework.

Nick Scott was born to explore, and the Link has given him the means to do so. Through its technology, he can be here now, charting this asteroid. Life is good – until a momentary lapse in concentration sends his consciousness tumbling into the unknown.

He survives, but a mysterious force seeps into the Link. Soon, something dangerous is rising from the depths of Nick’s mind, gathering substance, and spilling into the rain-lashed streets of south London.

As memories and dreams uncoil, imagination takes on a deadly reality, and a terrifying threat is unleashed upon the Earth.

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