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Horror at Lavender Edge, The

Supernatural terror in 1970s London

Publisher: Shadowtime Publishing
Year of Publication: 2019
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Historical Fiction · Supernatural
Language: English
Key Phrases: British horror · cosmic horror · Haunted house · Occult detective · Paranormal detective · Paranormal horror · Paranormal investigator · Supernatural horror
“Henderson presents a wildly imaginative, terrifying antagonistic force of massive cosmic scope. […] The Horror at Lavender Edge is fresh, original, and certainly worth a look.”
– Home Grown Horror Reviews

London, October 1971. A paranormal investigator seeking a cure for his psychic ‘gift’. A disillusioned policewoman determined to help a terrified old lady, whatever it takes. And a haunted house more deadly than any of them could imagine.

Will anyone survive THE HORROR AT LAVENDER EDGE?

The first standalone novel in the Undine and Cross series.


Reluctant psychic Harry Undine has problems.

Hippies would consider his sixth sense ‘cool’, but Undine knows the pain it can inflict. And he is ashamed of the sensitivity it reveals beneath his macho exterior.

Seeking a cure has become an obsession – a secret, lonely quest far more important than the paranormal research he is supposed to be carrying out for the Corsi Institute.

The last person he needs in his life right now is Jo Cross, a young WPC determined not to let down the elderly woman who begged her for help.

And the last place he should visit is Lavender Edge – a sinister house on the outskirts of London, where something ancient and unearthly has already begun to stir.

(Please note: this story is set during the 1970s and contains some language and behaviour reflecting the prevailing attitudes of the time.)


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