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Beast of the Dead

The Werewolf Whisperer Series

Publisher: Empyrean Press
Book type: Novella
Age: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Apocalyptic · Dark · Dark Fantasy · Dystopian · Horror · Humour · Post-Apocalyptic · Sci-Fi · Supernatural · Urban Fantasy
Language: English
Key Phrases: Day of the Dead · Dia De Los Muertos · found family · genetic engineering · latinx characters · multicultural · pandemic · Shifters · virus · werewolf
“Knarly! It can be heartwarming, heartbreaking, romantic but at its core, it’s a brutal action fantasy!”
– Amazon Reviewer
Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy with Heart & Bite

Sugar skulls, Werebeast fights, and a world in ruin…
Day of the Dead is a sacred celebration of family. Some families are forged within the crucible of the werewolf apocalypse.
And some shatter.
While out on a simple burger run, Xochi and Kai discover that Were-wrangling isn’t the carnival ride it used to be, especially when part of your team is M.I.A.
It wasn’t always like that.
Before KD2, before the Russian road trip, before the fall of L.A., newbie Were-wranglers Lucy and Xochi toast to their friendship and their first successful case when a Teen Wolf car thief jacks their ride.
The hunt for their beloved muscle car drags them deep into the grimy underbelly of Tijuana’s Werebeast fights.
To survive, they have to save each other and an oblivious world teetering on the brink of extinction.
But now as havoc calls, can a fractured Team Werewolf Whisperer still answer?
Welcome to the werewolf apocalypse. Hope you’re locked and loaded.

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