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Blood & Bones

The Werewolf Whisperer Series

Publisher: Empyrean Press
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Apocalyptic · Dark · Dark Fantasy · Dystopian · Horror · Humour · Post-Apocalyptic · Sci-Fi · Supernatural · Urban Fantasy
Language: English
Key Phrases: found family · genetic engineering · latinx characters · multicultural · occult · pandemic · Shifters · strong female characters · virus · werewolf
“This book had me on the ropes.”
– Amazon Reviewer
Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy with Heart & Bite

Evolution. Extinction. Fate.

The California quarantine has ended. Things seem to be getting back to normal.
The Werewolf Whisperer is on trial for murder.

Wait what?

Lucy and Xochi are learning the brutal lesson that actions — even the most well-intentioned — have consequences, especially when you routinely put your tail on the line.

Biting injustice corners the Werewolf Whisperer team, and the fallout drives our girls toward an extinction event they never saw coming.

When your enemies have you by the DNA, your only choice is to EVOLVE or DIE.

Welcome to the Werewolf Apocalypse. Hope you’re locked and loaded.

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