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Caraway of the Sea

Phoenix Rising: Book One

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: LGBT · Pirate
Language: English
“Caraway owns my heart, she is a fmc that is so human in her actions and decisions, including her mistakes. I felt like I really understood her and was rooting for her every step of the way.”
– Ala on Goodreads
Caraway leads a lonely, and often dangerous path as her crew’s enforcer. As she grows closer to a rival pirate captain, her life begins to unravel.

Caraway Auclair has devoted herself to protecting her brother, serving as the ship’s first mate and mercenary. Sacrificing nearly all she is to ensure that he becomes the most fearsome pirate Captain to ever sail the Carnelian Sea. She realizes too late, that the seas have only grown darker, and the waves more fearsome, they threaten to pull her under completely and mold her into something akin to a nightmare.
After Caraway’s closest friend dies in a brutal storm, grief puts Caraway and her brother at odds more than ever before.
When they dock on Isla Dalia after the devastating storm, Caraway is surrounded by both friend and foe, oftentimes unable to distinguish between the two. She must navigate a torrent of emotions unlike any she has weathered before. Seeking out any and all distractions, she begins to grow dangerously close to a rival Captain, despite her brother’s warnings.
As another storm looms, ever encroaching upon her crew’s uncertain future, her fears are laid bare for all to see. Caraway struggles to face the demons of her past … only to discover that they pale in comparison to the monster that she had a hand in creating.
As she drifts further away from all that she once knew, secrets slowly begin to surface, and the tides of her life as she knew it begins to shift …
A shift that just might destroy the life she’s worked so hard to protect, and her future with it.

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