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The Affinities Series: Book 3

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Coming of Age · Contemporary · Dystopian · Fantasy · Humour · Romance · Sci-Fi
Language: English
Key Phrases: anti-hero · friendship · slow burn · superheroes · superpowers

Once again, Periculand has been seized by new leadership, but with the true mind controller in the seat of power, the primaries have foregone all suspicions and investigations. In their minds, everything is how it should be, because that’s what the new principal has forced them to believe.

But Eliana Mensen can detect the lies.

As Adara basks in her title as “Periculand’s hero” and Nero’s gang battles for positions of power, Eliana and an unlikely ally team up to discover how they can eradicate this mental disease that has entranced the rest of the town.

Likewise, at Wacko Headquarters, Danny formulates plans to decimate Periculand’s new principal and claim the town, as well as his traitorous sister. His methods are as inhumane as always, and without his brother to guide him, Naretha is stuck with the painful responsibility.

When ghosts and grudges begin to resurface, the Affinities in both populations must fight for their freedom—and their lives.

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