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The Affinities Series: Book 2

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Coming of Age · Contemporary · Dystopian · Fantasy · Humour · Sci-Fi
Language: English
Key Phrases: anti-hero · slow burn · superheroes · superpowers

Periculand’s recent murder has left the town and the primaries in disarray:

Dethroned, Angor Periculy insists on his innocence.

Skeptical, the Stark twins search for the truth.

Hungry, Adara wishes that jail had a donut bar. And that she hadn’t, somehow, become “Periculand’s most dangerous threat.”

Life outside of Periculand is equally as bleak for Avner and his friends. Transporting the Wacko Naretha back to the terrorists’ headquarters has proven a difficult feat, and after a nasty betrayal, they find themselves in a spot more terrible than the torture they’re trying to save Maddy from.

Even if they survive, Periculand will no longer welcome them home. The “Regg” Rosses have claimed Angor’s title as principals, and they’ve also deemed Avner and his friends criminals. Along with this, they’ve canceled classes and replaced school with all-day training, earning Tray’s suspicion in his ongoing investigation.

Forming tentative alliances and unforgivable feuds, the young Affinities in and out of Periculand must decide which sides to choose and which people to trust in this society of deceit.

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