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CLIFTON FALLS, a zombie story – part 1

Book 1

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Language: English
Key Phrases: british · experiment · Farming town · police · virus · Zombies
“I love this writer! He has such a wonderfully twisted mind..he’s taken a whole new direction on how to become a zombie! Without giving too much away, it really makes you think about how one day we may create monsters with all of the man-made chemicals that are being dreamed up in labs. Really makes you think as well as being deliciously scary! Highly recommend this author, he’s brilliant!”
– Deedee – from a review on Amazon USA
What would you do if someone you knew had turned into a zombie?

Funny! Horrific! Zombie madness!

What would you do if someone you knew had turned into a zombie?

This story came to me many years after watching the 1974 zombie movie – The living dead at the Manchester Morgue – That movie was the first horror movie that left me scared to move growing up…

When a local farming company becomes a guinea pig for a newly tested chemical fertilizer, no one knew it was capable of bringing the dead back to life.
But it did, and it brought the town of Clifton Falls to its knees.
The first person to rise from the dead was the local homeless man, but the infection spread quickly as more people fell from the power of the undead.
But still, no one thought zombies were real until police officers were called to a domestic, leaving them scared after seeing a grotesque beast inside the home that it lived in before it died a few months earlier.
Now, the local hospital was piling up with the dead, with some returning to life to attack the living.
None of the officers had signed up for this, to fight the Undead, but could they control the outbreak of rising corpses before they reached the CEMETERY?

Packed with extreme horror moments and traces of humour, and with characters that may remind you of people you know, this story will take your imagination on a ride to the town of Clifton Falls, where you will want to save the residents from a new enemy that wants to eat them.

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