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CLIFTON FALLS, a zombie story – part 2

Book 2

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Language: English
Key Phrases: cemetery · forest · holiday village · zombie animal · Zombies
“This book is even better than the first! I lost sleep reading it as I couldn’t put it down. But, I have one question… it really over? I highly recommend anyone that loves Lompoc to read these books.”
– Angie – a review on Amazon USA
What would you do if a loved one turned into a zombie?

Just when the Police thought the unexpected, crazy outbreak of flesh-biting creatures was done & dusted, more rose from the local Cemetery.
But this time they are smarter than before.
They lurk in the darkness, staying out of sight, stalking the people staying at the Holiday Village to pick off anyone who dares to come out into the open.
The Police Chief recruits cadets from the local police academy to help, knowing he can’t risk bringing officers in from outside of the town, but can they stop the creatures from heading towards the CITY? or will they fall prey from being too scared to fight back?

This is an action-packed gorefest of pure survival, with a pinch of comedy. So, follow the characters of Clifton Falls & live with them inside your mind as they try to take down the recent horde of the dead.

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