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The Coryville Series Book 1

Publisher: Thick Books
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery · Romance · Thriller
Sub Genre: Paranormal · Suspense
Language: English
A Small Town With Big Secrets

With seven years of detective work under her belt, Detective Melanie Smith’s no stranger to homicide cases. However, her latest case is leaving her with sleepless nights. With no evidence or witnesses coming forward, this case is an upward battle but Melanie’s hellbent on solving what’s going to be her most challenging investigation ever.

Anthony Rosehill has been having weird dreams about an unknown woman. After discussing it with his cousin, Detective Dereck Rosehill, he wonders what it’s trying to tell him. He doesn’t have to wonder long when his dream woman appears in his small, fishing town of Coryville, ME, to investigate the murder of one of Coryville’s residents.

Once together, the pair experience strange synchronicities they can’t ignore and Melanie quickly learns this small town and its residents, including Anthony, hold big and ferocious secrets.

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