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Daddy’s Scared of Beasties

Publisher: Sequoia Publishing UK
Book type: Picture Book
Age: Picture book (0-5)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Family
Language: English
“Joyful, inclusive, and so very sweet and charming!”
– Simon James Green, award winning children’s author
Daddy’s scared of beasties but he doesn’t know we know it!

Daddy’s Scared of Beasties is an entertaining story about a dad’s fear of minibeasts (beasties) and has an overarching theme that it’s OK for grown-ups to be scared of things too.

Full of hilarious and colourful illustrations from Karen MacAllister, our big and burly ginger-bearded dad encounters different minibeasts, trying to hide his fear from his children, who don’t mind them at all.

Daddy’s Scared of Beasties is a story that breaks cultural stereotypes while celebrating diversity across families and in nature, featuring an LGBTQI+ mixed-race family and plenty of (not very scary) minibeasts.

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