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My Family is So Scottish

Publisher: Sequoia Publishing UK
Book type: Picture Book
Age: Picture book (0-5)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Poetry
Language: English
“The Subway is delighted to be included in this fantastic book celebrating the very best of Scotland. This is a wonderful book to continue that tradition introducing the Subway to a whole new audience”
– SPT chair Councillor Stephen Dornan
From a kilt-wearing uncle to a rugby-loving gran… come along with me and meet my very Scottish clan!

Shortlisted for the Selfies awards best picture book 2023!

My Family is So Scottish is a beautiful picture book showing an inclusive representation of Scottish people, places and culture. Through its witty rhymes
and energetic illustrations, this book perfectly highlights the joy, love and togetherness of Scottish people.

With over 40 references of Scottish heritage, traditions and food, and featuring a gay wedding, energetic grandparents and a dad who loves poetry, this book really does represent a much needed modern version of the Scottish clan.

Written and illustrated by two Scottish creators, Kirstin and Karen bring a truly authentic voice to this wonderful children’s story.

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