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Dragon Fugue

Publisher: Lea Carter
Year of Publication: 2019
Book type: Novel | Series
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Fantasy · Low Fantasy · Mythical Creatures · Romantic Fantasy
Language: English
Key Phrases: Dragon · Dragons · Medical fantasy · Sweet Romance

Neba’s life, as he knows it, started a few short weeks ago when he saved the village doctor from being eaten. Now, his greatest hopes and fears lie in regaining his hidden memories. Is he a dragon poacher or not? Is he free to love Leuna—or not?

Doctor Leuna’s expertise doesn’t extend to mind manipulation, which her mysterious patient is clearly suffering from. Loathe as she is to leave her peaceful home in Herrixka, she’s convinced that she can learn who manipulated Neba’s memories by searching the university archives.

With her apprentice and not one but two adolescent dragons in tow, they travel across Lurrak to find out who did this to him and convince them to undo it. At least—that’s the plan.

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