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Food for Thought

Publisher: Lea Carter
Year of Publication: 2020
Book type: Novel | Series
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Contemporary · Holiday Romance · Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: exmilitary dog · holiday play · rivalry · Sweet Romance
When Noella agreed to adopt the dog, she didn’t really expect to fall in love with the trainer!

Noella Cormier has a full schedule, but her new life in Cadmia, Missouri is remarkably like her old life on Prince Edward Island. She even has the same clients, thanks to technology.
When she isn’t working for herself, she’s busy volunteering somewhere—which is how she ended up in charge of the entire production for this year’s annual Christmas charity play.
A chance encounter with the handsome Danny makes her consider the possibility that something special is missing in her life. Something besides Caesar, the grieving Belgian Shepherd she’s determined not to let down.
Danny Fitzsimmons works hard, training working dogs at his own center. He’s proud of all he has built and has big plans. But is it business or pleasure for him when he agrees to help the lovely Noella prepare to own an ex-military dog?
She’s sweet, funny, brave, and stubborn-and for some crazy reason, she likes him!
Will they have the perfect romantic holiday season? or will love dash out of their lives?

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