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Publisher: Damocles’ Blade Press
Year of Publication: 2023
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Sub Genre: Action · Adventure · Alternate History · Dark Fantasy · Espionage · Grimdark · Historical Fiction · Pirate · Thriller · War
Language: English
Key Phrases: 1700s historical fiction · american colonial period · american revolution · assassins, pirates, spies · dark historical thriller · dysfunctional families · mysterious island · sea adventures · treasure island
“Firefax is a thrilling blend of historical fiction, espionage, and family drama that will keep you guessing until the very end. “
– Sue E., NetGalley Reviewer
The dysfunctional family dynamics of The Umbrella Academy meets the adventure and intrigue of Treasure Island as the secret fortune of a family of assassins becomes the target of two competing spy networks in the American Revolution.

I would advise you, young man, to take care around anyone with the surname Firefax. I know not if the rumors be true that they be king killers, but they are, without any doubt, a dangerous family.”

Legend tells of a city of gold on a phantom island. The wealth of that city could end the American Revolution. But the only person who knows the island’s location is the world’s deadliest assassin. And he’s not giving up that secret without a fight . . .

The world’s oldest family of high-profile assassins, the Firefaxes, have been killing off dignitaries—and being well-compensated to do so—for centuries. The family is thrown into turmoil by their patriarch’s death and the return of their cunning, cruel prodigal, Murdoch. With their father dead, Murdoch is the only one who knows where the Firefax wealth is, kept on a secret island. But two competing intelligence networks in the American Revolution are bent on tracking down the legendary treasure to end the war, whatever the cost. However, these spy networks may have met their match in this wily, dysfunctional family of killers.

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