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Free To Breathe

Publisher: Independently Published
Year of Publication: 2018
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Contemporary · Rockstar · Romance
Language: English
Key Phrases: Bad Boy · enemies to lovers · Rockstar

Noah Haxby – Rock music royalty – Notorious playboy – S*xy charismatic lead singer of Fr8Load.

Noah… Reputations are usually built over time and can be destroyed in a heartbeat. When that reputation has been built on a lie and is destroying my future, how do I prove I’m not the man they originally wanted the world to see? Maggie Dashwood… Noah Haxby broke my heart, shattered my world, and stole my future and I’d never even met him. Was I a fan? No. But I knew someone who was. Ask any man if he’d love to be most women’s fantasy and he’d probably say yes. Be careful what you wish for… fantasies can quickly turn into infatuations and obsessions, and sometimes, like in my case, obsessions can be lethal. This hate to love angsty rockstar romance is way more than you’ll expect.

Full of rollercoaster moments as both Noah and Maggie fight through the pain to find the ending they deserve. ‘What a rollercoaster of emotions Free to Breathe was…This book is more romance than rockstar and I would urge everyone to grab a copy and read it, I can’t recommend it enough!’ – Reviewer

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