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How to Sex Your Snake

June Nash Mysteries

Publisher: Melissa Banczak
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Mystery
Sub Genre: Adventure
Language: English
” June is hilarious, her brother is clueless about anything except creepy crawlies, her mom is over the top, and Morgan is, well, a guy. One misunderstanding after another leads to the craziest adventure to happen to normal people. I lived in AZ and the scenery and depiction of events ring true. Life as a personal assistant never sounded so exciting. I want more adventures with June and her friends. If only I could have a few words with her mother!”
– Kindle Customer, Amazon
A missing body, a reluctant adventurer, an arch nemesis, and a greyhound with a thing for bad guys.

June’s got a pretty easy job as the personal assistant to her twin brother, star of the number one nature show on TV. Then he’s accused of murder. Which sucks. Networks tend to fire first and ask questions later. And June doesn’t want to lose her cushy assistant job. Or, you know, see her twin end up in jail.

When she stumbles onto a clue, she’s forced to turn to the one person who can prove her brother’s innocence: her arch nemesis. Just one problem. Somebody wants that guy dead.

Now, she’s caught in a race against time as they navigate creepy crawlies, gangsters with a grudge, and deranged super fans. Can she get the evidence back in time to clear her brother’s name? If she fails, it’s the end of his career. And probably her life.

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