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Man on the Roof at Midnight, The

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novella
Age: Adult
Genre: Horror
Sub Genre: Supernatural · Thriller
Language: English
Key Phrases: footsteps on the roof · Ghost story · Haunted house · spooky novella
“Not only was this a delightfully quick read, but in its short span it managed to keep me puzzled until the very end. Unable to predict its explanations and conclusions right until they were given, The Man on the Roof kept me locked-in and entertained through its entirety.”
– Gillian Dowell, author of Paracosm
Fall asleep before you hear the footsteps of

Dr. Owen Drake recently suffered a tragedy so painful that he picked up his entire life and ran away from the memories. Now, Owen is in a new city with a new job as a psychology professor at a reputable university.

He also has a new home that sits on a lake, but the area is eerily quiet. The lake is calm. The neighbors are mysterious.

Then there are the nights…and the thundering noises above…that wake him every night at the same time …

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