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Pulp Science Fiction Novel

Publisher: Inept Concepts
Book type: Novella
Age: Adult
Genre: Sci-Fi
Sub Genre: Historical Fiction · Humour
Language: English
Key Phrases: 1960s sci-fi · cold war sci-fi · satire

From the depths of 1962 comes a sci-fi adventure that was probably better off forgotten. And fate, or the gods, apparently agreed: twice the original, typewritten manuscript was almost lost forever – once when it was accidentally(?) discarded in the dumpster behind a publisher’s office, and again when it was erroneously donated to a local charity with a stack of unwanted books. Yet, somehow, it always found its way home. So here it is then, for better or worse, in its entirety, after 60 years of perhaps justifiable obscurity: Pulp Science Fiction Novel. Presented by Brad D. Sibbersen.

Trigger warning: This novelette was originally written in 1962 and is presented here unexpurgated and unedited. Some elements may not be in line with current sensibilities. Also, clowns.

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