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Publisher: tRaum Books
Book type: Novella
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: Ecofiction
Language: English
Key Phrases: activism · climate fiction · ecofiction · experimental fiction · literary fiction · querying · writing
“What I really wish for, is for you to read Query, then mail the book, stained with coffee, phlegm, and tears, to the 137th agent on your list who passed with icy silence on your eco-fiction novel, and then go out and save the world anyway.”
– JoeAnn Hart, from EcoLit Books
I dread not hearing from you.

City planner by day, tired climate activist by day off, aspiring writer Zilla Novikov’s query letters quickly devolve into a darkly funny exploration of her own psyche. As the rejections pile up, her novel blurbs and biographies grow increasingly unhinged, while Zilla discovers that the road to bestseller-dom is paved with neoliberal hellscapes.

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