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Roots Beneath The Pines

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: YA (12-18)
Genre: Thriller
Sub Genre: Coming of Age · Dark · Family · Horror · Paranormal · Supernatural · Suspense · Thriller · Urban
Language: English
Key Phrases: Family Drama · Hidden Secrets · psychic · Supernatural
” I recommend this to those who love being scared by reading a book.”
When his brother goes missing, Lucas Pine is forced to turn to the supernatural for the answers he seeks.

Lucas Pine holds a secret that should never see the light of day. When his brother goes missing, he’s forced to turn to the supernatural to find the answers he seeks.

In his words…

“My family made a grave mistake. We shouldn’t have come here. My parents told us we needed a change of scenery and a change of pace. That’s what they told my brother and me just before we moved. “Get ready for a big leap!” Dad would say with nauseating enthusiasm. Sure, it sounded intriguing at first. Living in a town with an ominous past, famous for attracting psychics and soothsayers, ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. What kid wouldn’t think that was cool? Tourism is the name of the game in Millersville; ghost travel and fright seeking are what’s for sale. Folks come from all around, hoping to be transformed and catch a glimpse of what lies beyond the world of the five senses. Hop on a tour trolley and grab a pint. Stop in for a bite at one of the local haunts. Don’t forget your phone, you might catch something paranormal and become the next thing trending. That’s how they hook you. Sounds cool, right? A word of warning. What looks good on the outside can be poisonous on the inside.

My name is Lucas Pine and time is running out. There are secrets living inside me; scratching and clawing like a dog at the front door begging to be let out. The secrets I carry can never see the light of day. Some mistakes can’t be forgiven. I can’t go to the police, but I can’t hold out much longer. I have to make a decision. Maybe it’s wrong, but in a cursed town where the worlds of men and spirit collide there’s no other choice. Only the supernatural can provide the answers I seek. A voice calls to me. It comes from within and without. It comes from all around. I don’t know if it’s trying to help me or hurt me. I guess we’ll find out. My only hope is that I can survive the dark road it leads me down.”

Roots Beneath the Pines is a stand-alone novel set in the Resurrectionist universe.

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