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Suwannee River State Park

Activities, Games, Record Your Adventures and Share

Publisher: Southern Dragon Publishing
Year of Publication: 2021
Book type: Activity Book | Non Fiction
Age: Middle-Grade Fiction (8-12)
Genre: Childrens
Sub Genre: Outdoors · Travel
Language: English
Key Phrases: Activities While Camping · Camping in Florida · Florida State Parks · Kids Camping · Live Oak Florida · Puzzle and Games · Suwannee River
Having Fun and Learning While Camping or Visiting Our Florida State Park

Suwannee River State Park is a full-service recreational area located in Live Oak, Florida. This workbook can filled out while visiting this park. We have included some puzzles, coloring pages, activity sheets and journal pages. We hope that you and your child(ren) will cherish these memories and record them using the journal pages inside. You can take pictures and paste them in and/or your child can draw some about their adventure. The puzzles and games are based on information available on the park’s website so visit it, read about it’s history, activities and other great information. Supporting our great public land areas by visiting them, recording your adventures and sharing them with friends and family is a great way to keep them open and available to the general public for years to come.

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