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The Initiates

Publisher: Diamond Roads
Year of Publication: 2020
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Sub Genre: Coming of Age
Language: English
Key Phrases: emotional · life affirming · life lessons · Moving
“‘Absolutely magical, captivating book – it made me laugh, it made me cry & it made me think. I couldn’t put it down.’”
– Goodreads

An emotional, heartfelt novel about the power of kindness.

In the scenic seaside town of Knockfarraig in Cork, Ireland, five final year students gather in a dingy classroom for a detention. Teacher Alayne Adams has her own problems, so hopes the time will give her a chance to reflect on what to do with her tumultuous home life.

But after discovering a note, Alayne is left with a dilemma. The note states the writer intends to end their life. Looking around, they all seem to have issues.

Ash, a new student at Knockfarraig, was expelled from his last school for a violent act.

Samira tries but fails to hide behind her hair.

Calista, with black circles under her eyes, looks exhausted.

Rian’s caustic words goad, and she acts like she doesn’t care less but she tugs at her clothes constantly.

Calum jumps every time someone speaks and looks like he’ll either burst into tears or run for the door.

The writer could be any of them.

Taking inspiration from an ancient book, Alayne embarks on a series of life lessons that encourages each of them, including her, to discover ways to heal.

Can she prove life is worth living before it’s too late?

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