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Your Device 2.0: Search For The Wayward Minotaur

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Sub Genre: Adventure · Cozy Fantasy · Epic Fantasy
Language: English
The allure of adventure, mystery, and monsters, in ultra-realistic fashion, has you craving a return to Aarth through Your Device.

You became so entrenched in the world of Aarth, that you decide to upgrade Your Device, and meet up with your host again, if you can. The allure of adventure, mystery, and monsters, in ultra-realistic fashion, has you craving a return. And you miss your friends and your host, whom you helped to defeat legendary dragons and evil casters causing havoc across the beauteous lands of Aarth.

It all ended too soon, too suddenly. Now is your chance to return.

What sets this apart from other stories? Through Your Device 2.0, you are there! In enhanced fashion, you get to experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations of an incredible world where its inhabitants are kept in existence by mysterious beacons even after any number and manner of deaths. Now, however, you have discovered that there are exceptions.

Some people can be lost to the void. Others can be lost somewhere in the lands. In the aftermath of victory, you must help your host and company to find themselves before embarking on the quest to find their lost companion and brother. Along the way, you may just come to realize that you desire more of the experience than you expected.

Your Device 2.0 features enhanced connection capabilities. Each time you connect to Your Device, you are caught up in the life of your host, and stay to see the adventure unfold. Help your host and company work through mysteries, solve problems, and fight their fights. Join in with the tavern mirth, the local cuisine, and the camaraderie of adventure. Your Device 2.0 lets you experience these things right here, right now, first person, first impression, second only to walking the grounds of Aarth yourself, if you only could.

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