Seretha Pierce

I’ve always been told to write what I know and I know loss. I had to experience it at a young age. I cared very little about how others felt as long as I was having fun. And that lack of care could have led to one of the greatest tragedies I have ever experienced. It took a lot for me to overcome the depression that followed it, but here I stand more than fifteen years later. You could say my series is a look at my own past and a view of me facing my own demons. Writing has always been a side hobby of mine along with many other artistic hobbies, like photography, painting, drawing, and singing. For my day job I work in a Casino which I have for the past 14 years. Six years ago I was blessed with my first daughter and a year after she was born I was blessed with a second daughter. Being a mom is my number one job, and writing is my escape from my day to day stress. Working 40 hours a week, and having a 4 hour round trip commute to my job makes it difficult to find the time to sit down and put the words on the page but I try to make that time whenever possible, usually its at the cost of my own sleep. The lack of time and sleep are still not a deterrent because I enjoy writing and it brings me joy to see and hear others enjoying my creations.