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Love and Death

The Small Town Demon Saga Book 1

Publisher: Independently Published
Book type: Novel
Age: Adult
Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Dark Fantasy · Paranormal
Language: English
“A Captivating Journey of a girl moving to a small town in Nebraska w/ cult ghosts of the past in surrounding villages. As a teen she recognizes her own haunting past… It’s a page turning enjoyable read of high school adventures, love, mysticism, and loss. I look forward to more from this author.”
– Amazon Customer
Can one survive their inner demons when they’re not just metaphorical?

A new meaning to a relationship from hell..
Growing up in a small town in Nebraska might sound like a quiet life, but if you look deeper, beyond the cornfields and sleepy little towns, you could find something sinister. The creatures that hide in the darkness and use humans as hosts thrive. Some might even find the demons hiding in plain sight, hell you might be a demon yourself.
Come follow the story of Theresa, one whose past is hidden in the depths of the 5th underworld. Who, if provoked just right, will kill the innocent and bring forth the damned. A young adult whose existence is one of myths. Torn between the human world and the world of demons, she has to navigate through her adolescence. She will fall in and out of love. She will succumb to her lust and the lust of others. And she will fight for the life she wants.
Could you survive in a world where your inner demons are more than just metaphorical? Where soulmates are real and high school is so much more than just adolescent drama. Where demon queens and archangels surface to fight for hell on earth. For their kin to succeed in a place where they don’t belong.
Sex, demons, and suicide. All this and more lurks between the pages of The Small Town Demon Saga

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